Rachel Horst CV

Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant
Digital Literacy Centre, LLED, UBC

I work on a variety of innovative projects in the Digital Literacy Centre. The DLC facilitates and promotes research and teaching in language, literacy, and literary education that is focused on or makes use of digital media.

Graduate Research Assistant: Futures Literacies Research  
Language and Literacy Education, UBC

Research, writing, and multimedia creation of multiple futures literacies framework and related materials.

Design and present workshops promoting futures literacies among teacher candidates. These workshops encorporate makespace technologies, digital and collaborative writing, and experimental writing.        

Graduate Teaching Assistant  
Language and Literacy Education Department, UBC

Responsible for the rapid transition of LLED 361 to an online context due to COVID-19. I developed the online iteration of the course, including video materials, and interactive digital content. I supported instructors in  the online course delivery.     

Instructor,  LLED 361-927 (3.0)
Language and Literacy Education Department, UBC

I was part of the instructor team who redesigned and rewrote this multi-section teacher education course. I then taught one section of the course.

Secondary School Teacher
Sunshine Coast School District #46

I ran the FLEX program within the Sunshine Coast Alternative School. The program was for students who had not found success in mainstream high school due to a variety of exceptional behavioural, social, emotional and learning challenges. My students were a marginalized group who benefited from a variety of different personalized entryways into the curriculum. It was my job to create learning experiences that validated their own literacies, knowledge, and personhoods.

Secondary School Teacher
Bella Bella Community School, Bella Bella   

Bella Bella is a remote First Nations community where I taught a wide range of secondary level subjects. For all of my courses, my focus was on co-creating meaningful, locally relevant curriculum (utilizing community members’ knowledge and input whenever possible) that was diversified for a wide range of learners. I incorporated technology into my classroom and kept an up-to-date course website with supplementary links, materials, and videos to enhance student learning.


Horst, R.(2021). Narrative futuring: An experimental writing inquiry into the future imaginar. Art/research international: A transdisciplinary journal. (in press)

Horst, R., James, K., Takeda, Y., & Rowluck, W. (2020). From play to creative extrapolation: Fostering emergent computational thinking in the makerspace. Journal of strategic innovation and sustainability, 15(5), 40-54.  

Horst, R. (2020). Writing the unwritable: Sebald, Haraway, and performative disobedience. (Book Chapter of Unsettling complacency: Hope and ethical responsibility) (in press)

James, K., Horst, R., Takeda, Y. & Morales, E. (2020). The Patch: An artful syn(aes)thetic mapping of linguistic data through collaborative digital/analogue literacy processes. McGill journal of education (in press)

James, K., Morales, E., Horst, R., & Yung, E. (2020). Singling: Text sonification and the literacoustics of language-to-MIDI transformations. Book Chapter. (in press)



AIRG 3rd International Symposium (virtual edition): Connections
James, K, Morales, E., Horst, R., Takeda, Y. & Yung, E.

Singling live: Story music and the immanent future of sharing thoughts

EASST4S: Locating and timing matters: Significance and agency of STS in emerging worlds
Horst, R., & Sechrist, S.

The hyperbola stories: A collaborative narrative methodology for enacting sociomateriality

Electronic Literature Organization
Horst, R., & Morales, E.

EnTwining the data: A digital arts-based representation of research

Electronic Literature Organization
Horst, R., James, K,, Morales, E., Takeda, Y, & Yung, E.

Singling and the Earful Yearning: A remote, digital, hyper-interactive text-to-MIDI literacoustic jam

Horst, R., & James, K.

Creative Intra-Agential Computational Thinking in Makerspace Literacy Events

Creative and Public Scholarship

Scholarship Stories (2019) video series

I filmed and edited a series of videos for the Department of Language and Literacy to highlight the distinctive and diverse reserach taking place within the department.

Childcare Crisis on the Sunshine Coast (2017) podcast

I interviewed mothers, childcare providers, and MLA candidates, and created a podcast documenting the shortage of quality childcare on the Sunshine Coast. The podcast was listened to widely and taken up by the local community newspaper. 

Enbridge Pipeline protest video (2012) video

I filmed and edited a protest video at Bella Bella Community school documenting community resistance to the proposed Enbridge Pipeline. The video was viewed over 5,000 times and brought international attention to the issue.


PhD, Language and Literacy Education -- in progress
The University of British Columbia

Masters in Educational Technology
The University of British Columbia

Bachelor's in Education - Secondary

Simon Fraser University

Bachelor's in Fine Arts - With destinction

The University of Victory


Social Sciences Humanities Research Council
Four years research funding