The Patch

The Patch.

This iterative workshop/research project takes up digital and analogue processes in a journey of collaborative poetry and performance. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate creative writing, collaboration, and performance utilizing a variety of digital technologies and tools in unusual and collaborative ways. The workshop problematizes the concept of sole authorship and linear reading and foregrounds the aesthetics of digital contingencies and technological glitch. Throughout the experience we maximize the generative slippage that occurs in transitions between analog and digital modalities. In addition to co-authored multimedia journal articles — one published in McGill Journal of Education (James et al., 2021) and one currently under review (Horst et al., forthcoming) — as well as a conference presentation at The Electronic Literature Organization (Horst & Morales, 2021), I continue to collaboratively facilitate this workshop with teacher candidates in courses like LLED 367, Teaching Writing, as well as with graduate student in LLED 565S, Digital Methods in Literacy Research.