THE PATCH: collaborative Procedural writing and digital literacies workshop

This was a digital literacies project (2019-2020), originating in UBC’s Digital Literacy Centre. This project engaged a number of different digitally mediated creative methodologies, taking participants on an adventure from an original text, through a series of permutations and transmediations, and resulting in collaborative spoken word poetry. We publish the work in a journal article with McGill Journal of Education:

The Patch: An Artful Syn(aes)thetic Mapping Of Linguistic Data Through Collaborative Digital / Analogue Literacy Processes

Below is an interactive twine Esteban Morales and I created and presented at (un)continuity: Conference + media arts festival, July, 2020, Electronic Literature Organization.

Please free to explore the below TWINE, an interactive and non-linear narrative representation of our Research Creation using the Patch methodologies. This is where the SINGLING, textual sonification project originated from. We are now redesigning SINGLING as a web-based application with a growing team of researchers, artists, and computational scientists.

At the bottom of the page you will find a series of workshop videos we created, mashing up the collaborative writing processes, performances, and sonificatios.