A series of prompts for writing the FUTURE

Part A: Find your future ARCHETYPE (or design your own)

Based upon your answer to this question, you will receive a FUTURES ARCHETYPE. This archetype is designed to be disrupted. We encourage you to resist your own futures definition and instead to rethink your own archetypal orientation towards the future unknown. The idea that you can design your own archetype is a playful paradox. Archetypes are traditionally inherited from history, they are reoccurring types, prisons of characterization that determine your actions – we invite you to explode this notion and redesign future self again and again.

Part B: What’s in the cards?

In the next section, click on each of the four cards to create a writing prompt you’d like to work with. You can draw the cards as many times as you wish…

This game is inspired by the  Thing From the Future  card game, developed by Stuart Candy & Jeff Watson and uses the same timeframe articulation, which they based upon the work of  Professor Jim Dator‘s“generic images of the future” at the by  Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies.

Part C: Bring it all together

Your ARCHETYPE combined with your cards will provide a starting place for you to write the future.  If you wish to receive a copy of your future, enter in your email address and press SUBMIT.

INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste your chosen cards into the space below. You may choose to write from your archetypal character, or disregard it completely. Now write a poem, a scene, a vision, a dream, a fragment of a future memory… How you interpret this task is entirely up to you. What does the future feel like from your vantage point? Let your imagination loosen and allow yourself to explore the world and the future from a different perspective.