selected writings.

Journal Articles

Horst, R. (2023). Imagining difference: Technological posthumanist methods for arts-based futures literacies research. Digital Culture & Education (ISSN: 1836-8301). 

Horst, R., James, K., Morales, E., & Takeda, Y. (2022). The intermingled meanings of PhoneMe: Exploring transmodal, place-based poetry in an online social network. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 66(4), 249- 256.

Horst, R. & Gladwin, D., (2022). Multiple futures literacies: An interdisciplinary review. Journal of Literacy Research.

Horst, R. (2021). Narrative futuring: An experimental writing inquiry into the future imaginaries. Art/Research International, 6(1), 32–55.

Book Chapters

Horst, R. (2022). The Unadorned. In D. Conrad and S. Wiebe (Eds.), Education Fabulations. Palgrave.

This short futures fiction is set in a future that has become entirely mapped and digitized. Creativity has become an anachronism. An unnamed protagonist studies a group of unadorned children, who grow into her bodies without alteration or augmentation, learning and aging as humans used to do. The unadorned children are a source of fascination and horror for the adorned ones as they seem to hold a key to something that been lost in their accelerated evolution.

Horst, R. (2022). Writing the unwritable: Sebald and Haraway and hope through disobedience. In T. Strong-Wilson, A. Yoder, W. Crichlow, & R. Castro (Eds.) Unsettling Complacency: Hope and ethical responsibility. Palgrave.

This chapter explores writing as method in the work of W. G. Sebald and Donna Haraway.

James, K., Morales, E., Horst, R., and Young, E. (2021). Text sonification and the literacoustics of language-to-MIDI. In A. Klobucar (Ed.), The Community and the Algorithm (pp. 101-126). Vernon Press.

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